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Setting Soulful Goals for 2019

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Ten years ago I wrote a list on a piece of bright yellow paper that changed the course of my life.

On January 1, 2007 I sat down in a raw food restaurant in Tokyo and set 65 goals for myself; for the first time ever in my life.

Manageable and measurable goals.

Why 65? That’s simply the number that rolled out.

They flowed onto the paper like I was open to some source of pure creativity, as I wrote I could clearly visualise (most of) them manifesting, in action. With heart and soul, I let my dreams pour onto the page.

When the writing naturally stopped, the reading, reviewing and believing began.

I kept the pile of paper with my heartfelt goals close by me daily, I carried them around, put them on my desk at work, scanned them while I was riding the train. I don’t think I really had any clue what I was getting myself into or how powerful that beautiful New Years Day writing meditation would prove to be.

Still a full time primary school teacher at the time of goal creation I was ferociously learning to hoop step by step in my tiny Tokyo apartment. The name Hoop Lovers was not even a thought nor had I fully realized the community and business that it would become. The goals never said anything about the miraculous body and soul revival, the global travel and connections or the financial and spiritual abundance that would manifest. They were clear and simple goals that would work as the underbelly of a life filled with hoops, creativity, healing, movement and expansion.

They were big wishes.

While my dreams and hopes poured into the goal writing they were also very methodical and practical. I wanted to measure my achievement and score my success. I wrote concise goals like “I will be a certified hoop dance instructor by April, 2007” “I will learn how to make hula hoops by April, 2007” I will start a weekly hoop jam in Yoyogi Park by May, 2007” “I will purchase a monthly yoga pass at Yogajaya and practice Ashtanga at least 3 times a week by February 2007” “I will hand in my resignation at work by September 2007”

By September of the same year I had crossed off over three-quarters of those goals as achieved, some of them were pretty lofty.

Before this journey back in 2007 I thought goal setting and creating plans was reserved for boring business men.

The magical manifestations that came about because of that written ritual taught me that setting goals with soul was a powerful way to map out and create a whole new reality. My life completely changed for the better because of it.

The process of creation is a simple one but it requires your love and attention. Oh, and you must take action. But step one is the plan.

I have created a little map for you, a template for manifestation of newness and creativity. You can download it here. You might like to print it out and fill it in or create your own.

Click the image below to download the “Setting Soulful Goals for 2019 Map”

free download

This worksheet is a printable one you can use to craft a fabulous plan. Or you can simply use the 4 steps outlined to map out a gorgeous strategy of your own.

FEEL: How do you want to feel in 2019? Stating your desired feelings and really owning them helps you to pin them as your North Star. When ever you feel off track or lost you can always come back to the question “how do I want to feel?” If you are not aligned with those feelings then you can ask yourself “what action do I need to take to feel this way?”

RELEASE: What are you ready to let go of in 2019? Declare it. We all have weight that we carry, some of it is truly hard to let go of for various reasons but identifying it and making steps to overcome or release it is a very powerful initiative to take.

: What are you willing to commit to in 2019? What will be your focus for the year? A word, a feeling, an image a goal. Declare your focus and embrace it.

ACTION: What are your very specific, clear and measurable goals for 2019?

Take some time to craft your own measurable goals. Clear and specific, allow them to flow. There is no need to write 65, often one clear statement of intention and purpose can be the most powerful.

What is your heartfelt purpose for 2019? What are your goals?

My one and only goal in 2017 was to focus on anything that was a “true yes!” It felt miraculous to align with YES in everything I did. Liberating and rewarding!

Enjoy this time to craft your own focus, goals and feeling for 2019. Take a moment to sign that release form; be grateful for your limitations this year let them be honoured for the lessons that they truly are but make a commitment to letting them go in the new year.

To get your gold star for doing your holiday homework let me know below;

What are you ready to let go of?
What are you committing to?
What are your goals or goal for 2019?

May magic manifest in your life. Go forth, take action and burn up the dance floor of life you sparkling Unicorn!

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Deanne Love & hoop love coach training

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