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Erica Preston

Note from a hoop teacher: 20 reasons to go to a hoop class

Notes from a hoop teacher - Erica Preston

Hoop Love Coach Erica Preston, creator of Hoop to the Rhythm, gives us the 20 reasons why you should get your butt to a hoop class.

The art of hula hooping can be overwhelming and intimidating for anyone in the beginning. Once you get the concept down, it’s easy to find yourself wanting to do it all of the time.

In this article, I will go over the reasons to start a hula hooping practice. There are many, but I narrowed it down to 20. Enjoy!

1.  Work it out

Let’s start this list right. Hooping can be one of the most enjoyable workouts that you will ever do. It’s not just for children. Psssst…they even have hoops made especially for adults.

2. Boost your mood

There is a reason for a lot of people getting into and sticking with hooping. It simply makes them feel good. After hooping for 30 minutes or more (it may not even take that long) you can start to feel a burst of positive energy.

3.  Save money

Hula hoops really don’t cost much at all. The average starter hoop is priced well under $45. Hey, you many even want to buy several types.

4.  Wittle your waistline

Many of us, including myself, see the midsection as an area in need of improvement. When you become efficient at hooping, you will engage your core. This can help tone and trim this area.

5.  Get coordinated

Hooping, both on and off-body, requires a certain amount of both full body and hand-eye coordination. When you are learning off-body tricks, on body moves and transitions between the two, you are becoming more coordinated. Drilling moves over and over will make you a hoop star in no time.

Get coordinated. Three hula hoop ladies hooping in the garden

6.  Bring in balance

Hooping is a form of movement that involves many parts of the body. Many moves involve shifting your weight back and forth as well as side to side. All of this requires balance and your sense of balance should improve tremendously.

7.  Boost your flexibility

When you start hooping, you will bend and stretch your body in ways you may not have before. This should make you more flexible. Some advanced tricks (only if you decide to go there) require a great deal of flexibility.

8.  Get strong

Hooping involves stabilizing your core and isolating some muscle groups. This should help you increase strength. Some hoopers like to do arm raises and moves of this nature with a weighted hula hoop to help them become stronger.

9.  Get lean

Similar to the 8th reason (strength), hooping involves activating muscles and if done with proper form, it can help you build muscle. Of course, diet and other factors will need to be in line. It is super possible though.

10.  Improve your stamina

When you really get into hooping, you’ll want to do it longer and longer. This will condition your body and fitness level. In return you will have much more stamina for this cardio workout.

Lots of hula hoops in the park in the sun

11.  Align your posture

Fun fact: It requires a good amount of posture to keep the hoop on your body. This is why on body hooping is so appealing to some. Many on-body moves require you to stand tall with great posture.

12.  Make new friends

One of my favorite things about hooping is finding others to hoop with. You can meet a lot of cool people at various hoop workshops or hoop jams. Some may become lifelong friends.

13. Bond with Your Child/Children

Hooping can be a great way for parents and teachers to bond with children. It is “cool” enough for them to participate in. They may even teach you something. Ha!

14.  Boost your self-confidence

One of the coolest things about hooping is landing a move that you thought you “couldn’t” do or thought was too hard. The longer you practice hooping, the more confident you will end up becoming. It kind of goes hand in hand….

15. Be mindful

When one is truly being mindful, they are living in the moment without judgment. It is one of the best benefits to hooping. It’s known as a flow art for a reason. Once you are in a flow state of mind, you enter true mindfulness.

Hoop practice in a studio

16.  Express yourself

Hoop dance involves moving creatively and just going with the flow. You can be free to express yourself without the fear of being judged. It can be a great creative outlet.

17.  Learn with ease

Hooping may seem intimidating for some at first. It is a pretty simple concept to learn though. Once you get started, you’ll be hooked in no time.

18. Boost your brain

Yes. You read that right. Hooping can possibly improve your thought process. It is said to help one’s memory and improve learning.

19.  Replace bad habits

I’ve known ex-cigarette smokers, drinkers, and overeaters who started hooping and dropped their bad habit. Hooping gave them something positive to do that kept their mind right.

20. Spin for life

Lastly, hooping can be that “thing” you do regularly that keeps you from being sedentary. Many people pick up hooping in various times in their lives and continue through old age. Want to start hooping? I say go for it!

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Erica Preston
For Erica Preston, founder and driving force behind Hoop to the Rhythm, hooping is about more than just exercise. It’s a huge part of her life. She picked up her first adult hoop in 2011 and is now committed to sharing her love of this unique form of expression with her friends, family, and community. She began as a FXP® Hula Hoop® Fitness trainer, evolved to creating and teaching dance classes, and strives to reconnect clients with their own flow, working with creative movement, to build strength, flexibility, and confidence.

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