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Inside the head of a hoop teacher. An example of “what you focus on grows”

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How was your weekend?

I fried my brain. Not in a party-til-the-break-of-dawn kind of way. More like a let’s-flip-all-of-your-thoughts-on-their-head-and-reshuffle-them-for-a-moment kind of way.

It got messy for a while.

I read a book called The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F by Mark Manson and I did my second hypnosis session with Marisa Peer in a journey called the Uncompromised Life.

Both equally thought provoking yet polar opposites in many ways.

Mark’s thoughts, among others are that “Life is essentially an endless series of problems. The solution to one problem is merely the creation of another.” So deal with it and decide where you are going to place your F’s. Also that any attempt to be positive is actually negative so um…just deal with that too!

Whereas Marisa preaches that “your brain only responds to two things: the words you speak and the pictures you make” and essentially if you can rewire your thoughts and images to that of your desires then the problems go away…or at least your thoughts about the problems become positive and focussed on what you really want.

In addition, Marisa emphasises the importance of taking action every day in pursuit of goals as a path to success (whatever success means for you).

Are you with me?

Can you see why my brain was doing backflips?

So what does all of this have to do with teaching hoop dance?

Well, both Mark’s philosophy and Marisa’s strategies, while different, both play a part in hoop class creation, promotion and execution.

Let’s just talk about promoting classes for now. One thing at a time.

Last month I had three major hoop related happenings that I wanted to spread the word about.

1. The March Hoop Love Coach Training (planning, working on for many, many years)

2. The launch of the 7 Day Waist Hooping Challenge (planning, working on for about 3 months)

3. Offering a new hoop class in a new location (last minute idea with zero preparation)

You can probably see where this story is going already. But hear me out.

As with any new project and decision in the life of a creative, the thought processes can often go something like the chart below.

(who made this? I don’t know who to credit for this brilliance!)

Inside the head of a hoop teacher

But let’s look at how these 3 projects of mine really played out.

1. The March Hoop Love Coach Training

The pictures and words in my head were clear, positive and powerful (Marisa would be proud) Over time I have wired my brain to know exactly what I offer, how I can be of service to others, how I can help, support, reach out. I saw myself connected with brilliant leaders and creators from around the world. I stayed connected with them, we communicated. There was a relationship there. There was also excitement, focus, belief and time (oh so much time) invested. Daily dedication.

Result: I am delighted to be working with 50 hoopers from around the world for the next 12 weeks and beyond to support their visions as hoop leaders/creators/teachers. Their break throughs and actions are already blowing me away.


2. The launch of the 7 Day Waist Hooping Challenge

Mega dream! My heart is always and forever with beginner hoopers.

Is there anything more rewarding (as a hoop teacher) than seeing someone with a huge pile of disbelief of their shoulders transform into a happy, hooping, bright light of joy? I don’t think so.

I poured my heart and soul into this project. I spread the word. I showed up daily, pursuing this dream. I overcome Facebook blocks. I gained support from the incredible Hoop Love Coaches (thank you!!) who helped tremendously. I wasn’t giving up. Focus was my super power. Laser focus. Deep work. The pictures and words in my head were fierce. I visioned 1000 hoopers and even more came to the party.

Result: 1274 hoopers signed up and joined in. New hoopers. They were active, playful, over coming their struggles, supporting each other. Tears! Pure joy.


3. A new class in a new location.

This one came to me in a fit of inspiration. Oh, why don’t I run a hoop class in my studio (even though I have absolutely no time to promote it, to plan it, to develop it, to reach out to my community and get to know them at the moment because I have all of these other projects on the burner) Yes. What a great idea.

Argh! As someone who bumps into 4 million great ideas a day…I have learned to put them through the filters first BUT this one slipped through untouched because I LOVE TEACHING and I want to play.

Mark, give no f’s guy, would have been standing back saying “I told you so”. One problem after another. No time to promote. Not enough focus. No energy given to this project. Not following my own freakin guidelines.

Thinking I could just put the word out once or twice and expect hoopers to flock to me. Um. No!

Result: 3 hoopers signed up and I had to cancel…with the promise of some hoop jams (one happening tonight!)


After reading the book this weekend and going through the hypnotherapy I took some time to reflect on my 3 recent projects. All of which I gave lots of f’s about but in hind sight clearly I did not give equal f’s (to put it in Mark Manson terminology)

So what is there to learn from the reading, the hypnosis and the reflection of the 3 projects?

1.  Yes there will be hurdles, there will be problems, there will be bumps. Whether I focus on the problems or I focus on finding creative solutions will determine the final outcome.

2.  A failed project does not equal failure. It equals learning, reflecting and trying again in new ways.

3. The visions I hold and the words I speak really do make a difference to my results because they make a difference in the daily actions I take towards reaching my goals. “This is hard, I am struggling, no one is going to turn up, I don’t have time, I’m not sure this was a good idea” vs “This is a valuable service, I am so excited to offer this, I know this is going to support so many people, I cannot wait to share this, It is so important to me and others that I share this project, I know others will get rewards and joy from this, I will do everything in my power to promote this daily because I believe in myself and I believe in others”

4. Daily actions are essential if I want to reach my goals and I want to share with others.

Mark Manson was refreshingly honest and brutally correct (although I didn’t agree with everything he said…but that’s exactly what made me keep reading to the end). Life does present us with a series of problems. Not always unicorn farts and fairy flashmobs. But Marisa Seer puts it so eloquently when she suggests it is how we perceive the problems, how we map them out in our brain that makes all the difference. The picturse and words that we create are what our thoughts and brain responds to and repeats.

Wow! So a lot can happen in a weekend of brain flipping and project reflection.

I would love to hear about how you tackle projects. Do you feel like you are constantly struggling and trying to over come problems? Or do you have strategies that help you to stay focussed on your projects by taking small actions and listening to the words you speak and the pictures you make in your head?

Hoop Love Coach training Hula Hoop Teacher training

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