Hula Hoop Teacher Coach Deanne Love

If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a hoop teacher over the past 15 years, it’s this...

From the very first moment a new student picks up a hoop, something amazing happens. 

They get out of their head and into their body. Self-consciousness dissolves. A sense of freedom starts to take over. Rhythm builds up and joy bubbles over.

Why does hooping have this inspiring,
almost magical effect on people?

Because creativity lives in the body. And movement (especially fun, celebratory, life-affirming movement) is an incredible and powerful way to unleash it. 


Experiencing this magic for yourself is amazing on its own. But helping others unlock it in themselves? 

It’s life-changing stuff. Simple as that. 

That’s why I created Hoop Love Coach Training — so I could show others how to create a fun, freeing, and transformative experience for themselves and others. 


Thinking about taking the journey?
Here’s what to expect

That’s not to say that hooping or hoop teaching is a breeze. This hobby/workout/career/lifestyle — however you want to define it — definitely has a learning curve. And it takes real commitment and a healthy dose of badassery to get through it! But having access to an experienced and expert teacher plus a community of other hooplovers makes all the difference. 

And what’s waiting on the other side is more than worth it.

Become a Hoop Love Coach.

Make a difference. Change lives, including your own.

Because we’re all weird, wild, and wonderful in our own ways, hooping will unlock something a little (or a lot) different in each person. But here’s what’s universal: when you try something new, no matter how big or small, doors start to open for you. 


For me, hooping was the thing that completely flipped my life upside down, in the best possible way. It became my calling, opening up a new career path and endless opportunities to connect with dozens, hundreds, and then thousands of other hooplovers through my in-person classes and online offerings. 

For you, it might look like:

  • An exciting new modality to add to your repertoire as a fitness teacher
  • A way to take your love of hooping to the next level and start teaching
  • A new source of income and a world of business opportunities
  • An opportunity to reconnect with your body and feel at home in your own skin 
  • A personal fitness journey that strengthens your body, mind, and spirit
  • A fun, creative outlet that connects you to a community of like-minded people
Whatever your reason for becoming a hoop coach, I’d be honoured to welcome and accompany you on the journey! This training is just the first step on a lifelong path to more movement, more joy, more fun, and more creativity.
Hooplovecoach Training Supporting Students

I’ve been a full-time hoop teacher for over a decade now, but before hooping became my life, I was a primary school teacher. What can I say? I love sharing knowledge with others, from little ones all the way up to people in their golden years. 

Since making the leap into hoop teaching, I’ve taught this amazing fitness modality to thousands of people all over the world, in countless classes, workshops, and tutorials from Tokyo to Melbourne to the endless expanses of Youtube and the internet. Whether I’m leading a high-energy in-person class or creating exclusive online course content for, my goal is the same: to unlock the limitless creativity and joy that’s inherent in everyone. 

Notes from a hoop teacher - Erica Preston