Let's do this together

Dear Hoop Love Coach

I know, all too well, as creative business owners we often tell ourselves “I do it for the love”  “It is so fun I don’t have to get serious about the business” “it feels kind of icky to make money from my creativity and passion” “I am not sure if I am ready” “I am not sure if I am enough”

You know what’s NOT fun? 

Working so hard to share something that you love but hitting the wall of burn out, overwhelm and struggle.
Not having the time to be of service and grow your community because you are trapped in the cycle of figuring stuff out and working harder instead of smarter with no solid plan or strategy.

You know what is really “icky”? 

Having a vision and passion but no action plan, no understanding of how to launch it and attract the community that you desire; the tribe who need you.

Investing all your time, money and soul into doing what you love but not seeing the results, balance and growth that you deserve.

You know what cancels out passion and love for what you do?

Getting bogged down in trying to “figure out” Social Media, building an online presence the long & hard way. Or throwing these things in the “too hard basket” and missing out on reaching the people who need you the most.

I’ve been stuck in holding patterns my self. In the trenches. Working it out. Doing the work.

I have also taught tens of thousands of hoopers, trained over 600 Hoop Love Coaches, built the largest hoop platform on YouTube, have over 20 000 enrolments in my hooplovers.tv courses and continue to grow a global community.

I’m not burned out, I have plenty of free time, I earn a wonderful income for myself and my husband and I am still able to do it with love, creativity and passion.

Most importantly, I am being of service, I am supporting others to grow, I am teaching (my greatest love).

I’m not bragging but I am telling you that none of this happened until I “got serious” I started showing up with courage, built solid foundations, mapped out plans, overcome the blocks and got the support needed.

I did none of this alone.

I need a support system to be accountable to, to keep me on track, to help me achieve my goals and be the best hoop teacher I can be.
To be the most creative and successful business owner I can be.
I want to be that support for you.
If you are serious about growing your community, being of service, showing up with courage and creativity but you know you can’t do it alone then I would love to be your private coach.

What you see is what you get. I am an open book. What I have learned along the way can help you.
Going to leave you some details below. Get in touch if you know you want to grow your community and stop playing small…and you believe that I am the one to help you.



Deanne Love xx

p.s. Know what I really dig?
Effort and energy! You know what is not on the list? Excuses and overworking. If you are in, I’m ready. 

What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.

~ Jane Goodall

I can help you

Creative Business Boost 1:1 Business Coaching​

Growth takes time, smart strategies, commitment and accountability.
In this 90 day boost we (you & I) will work closely to help you launch/grow/shift.

The magic you are searching for is in the committment you are avoiding. Make a commitment to business and personal growth.

Topics could include:

  • Marketing strategies
  • Online course creation
  • Business structure or restructuring
  • Creating successful offerings and packages for your community
  • Idea generation and action planning
  • Building your audience, growing your community, increasing your students/customers
  • Email strategies
  • How to grow your community and stay connected with email list building and creative content
  • Staying creative, being courageous, embracing clarity
  • Content creation strategies, scheduling and consistency
  • Online course creation
  • Goal setting and growth
  • Killing it online

Are you stuck in a rut with your Social Media and website? No action plan? Does it suck your time but give little reward? Are you confused about how to use it to grow your community and business? You need a solid action plan and Social Media Strategy.

I will provide you with a detailed analysis of your online presence and changes you can make to improve in all areas. I will also give you tips and support for content creation, scheduling and batching for time management and consistency.

Social Media & Website Audit​


Here is what I hope for you to achieve. Transformation in your business.


  • Wasting time, money & energy but not seeing the success you want. 
  • Not feeling like you’re reaching your full potential. Not making the right connections with the right people.
  • No balance, feeling overwhelmed and scattered. Trapped in the busy work.
  • Knowing you need to have stronger communication with your students and your audience but not knowing the most effective ways to stay connected and grow your community.
  • No real passion to market yourself or your offerings because it feels fake, weird, too hard or pushy.
  • Confused about how to use the internet and Social Media to your advantage. Not sure how to consistantly spread your message and get it heard by those who need it.
  • Undercharging, overworking, undervaluing, over delivering, burning out.
  • Holding back from taking your business and your offerings online to a bigger audience.


  • Having clarity, focus and a solid plan for action & success
  • Very clear goals and actions steps to match your offerings with the people who need and want it most.
  • A decluttered schedule and business focussed on the things that really matter and light you and your community UP!
  • Simple, effective, manageable communication strategies that keep you and your community connected. Clear ways to share your message and spread the word that suit you and your students.
  • Clear and doable marketing strategies that suit you, your offering and the people you are connecting with. A marketing mindset shift!
  • Social Media strategies that make sense for you and work. A solid plan of attack and an end to the confusion. It is supposed to be social not soul sucking.
  • An end to the madness. No more. A reenergized way to run your business and stop it running you into the ground.
  • It is 2018! Let's do this. A step by step plan to clear the blocks and step into the light online. No more holding back on this one.

why work with me?

You know me and how I roll. You have watched me go from strength to strength in my business. I am not messing around but you also know I love healthy doses of play and creativity. You have witnessed me embrace something I am passionate about and grow it into a global community, a thriving business and a soulful lifestyle. A community of connected humans I care deeply about. I have been in the trenches, I have done the work, I have figured stuff out the hard way. And I continue to move.

I am all about action and clarity but I know it takes some digging and reshaping to get there. You have seen me stuck, real and authentic and you know I have moved beyond those moments with creative action and clever strategies. You know I show up, I am committed, I do the work but never at the cost of play time, balance and quality of life. I am a giver. I am an achiever. I am here for you. When I am IN I go all the way. 

My ultimate goals are freedom, fun and creativity. I want that for you too. Most of all I want to support you to embrace your own goals and stop holding back from achieving them.

My offerings

Social Media &
Website Audit


Creative Business Boost 1:1 Business Coaching


Payment plan 3 x $USD297-

Got questions?

Here are the answers
Once you have decided that you are in need of an audit and an action plan that we can work on together, here is how things will roll… (I will send you guidance emails to help you along the way once you have signed up)
  1. Complete the Social Media & Website Audit form.
  2. Schedule a 30 min set up call with me.
  3. We will jump into Zoom together and discuss where you are at and where you would like to be.
  4. I will gather all the information you have given me and I will complete the audit.
  5. Schedule a 1 hour action planning session with me.
  6. We will jump into Zoom together. Deep, focussed time for action. I will share my audit with you and we will cocreate an action plan that works for you.
  7. Implement. You are going to put the action plan into play and see how it feels, what works, what needs some tweaking.
  8. Schedule a 30 min catch up with me to follow up on the plan and make changes.
  9. We will jump into Zoom together and discuss changes to the action plan and steps for future success.
  10. Keep on rocking your Social Media game. Reach a wider community. Share your message and offerings with creativity and passion.
Hope to see you soon for our first session!

You know that you need the support to make the big, bold changes in your business. You know how it is going to have a powerful impact on your business and lifestyle. OK. Cool.

  1. Submit your application form to me. This will help me to match my expertise and experience to your needs and the changes you want to make.
  2. I will get back to you in 2-3 business days. If we are an awesome fit I will send you a confirmation form and we can go ahead scheduling our sessions.
  3. We will map out a 3 month plan starting with the She Strategy model. A simple, helpful and effective plan to launch you forward.
  4. We will revise and audit your Social Media and Website.
  5. We will schedule 6 x fortnightly calls to co-work on your plan, keep you moving and grooving, discuss any issues, find solutions and clear blocks.
  6. I will check in with you fortnightly between calls to see how I can support you and what stuff is coming up.
  7. We will wrap up at the end of your 3 months of private coaching with a revision of where you were and how far you have come, what has changed and what you need to keep moving ahead with.

You will have me as your private coach, mentor and business bestie.

Yes. Laying solid foundations in your business, Social Media and website is key. I can help you through this process and give powerful guidance. 

It is often the beginning that can be the most stifling. I can help you find the courage, set solid plans in place and clarify your vision so that you can move forward.

You can do this!

I totally understand. I have been in this position many times myself. Wondering if I should invest in my business and myself. The answer has always been “YES! Yes you must!”

I cringe thinking about all the energy, time and money I spent doing things the long and hard way instead of getting the direct support I needed.

The times when I did step and say “yes my business is worth it, I am worth it” I saw exponential growth (even though taking the financial jump was scary!)

It is important to be very honest with yourself. Do you believe that you and your business are worthy of investment? Do you believe that you have the time and energy to keep moving through the mud or are your courageous enough to get the support you need?


That is OK. No problem. When is the right time to take the next step in your business and lifestyle? 

Yes. The Creative Business Boost 1 : 1 Private Coaching with me has a payment plan. 3 x $297USD

Disclaimer: Legally, I must remind you that no results are guaranteed.  Your income, outcomes and results are your responsibility. My responsibility is to provide a high level of support and coaching that will support you now and for many years to come. I have no way of knowing exactly how your income or business will improve. Your individual success depends on your background, dedication, action and motivation. Nothing on this page or any of my websites will guarantee your results. Examples of my own success are not guaranteed to work exactly the same for you.  I cannot offer legal, tax or financial advice. Any numbers shared are just examples and should not be considered exact or a guarantee of your future earnings or growth.