11 Questions to Help You Release 2018 and Play Big in 2019

release 2017

It has been a massive year. Would you agree? Whether you are ready or not, 2017 is almost over. There is only one way to deal with everything that has happened from January 1 up until right now… REFLECT & RELEASE It is time to look back at the moments, achievements and challenges. And look … Read more

What I Accidentally Learned by Organising a Hoop Retreat

This is a guest post written by Missy Cooke the founder of Lansing Hoops and creator of the Michigan Hoop Dance Retreat Before organizing a hoop dance retreat, I thought it was as simple as imagining a really cool event, and then asking everybody to show up. I had no idea how much work was … Read more

50 Places to Teach Hoop Dance

Teach Hula Hoop Dance

You love hooping, you dream of teaching it to others but you get stuck thinking “who would hire me, where would I teach hoop dance?” Hundreds of hoopers have become Hoop Love Coaches; they work and play hard to develop their hoop teaching skills, their class/party/workshop offering and packages but one of the biggest blocks … Read more

What I learned from having zero students show up to my hoop class

From Zero Students What I have learnt

What I learned from having zero students show up to my hoop class https://hooplovecoaching.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/what-i-learn-from-zero-student_01.mp3 Yes, it has happened. On a few occasions actually. I could tell you that all of my classes, workshops and events have been completely successful and filled with joy, but that would be a lie. The thing is that the times … Read more