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50 Places to Teach Hoop Dance

50 Places Where you can teach hula hoop dance

You love hooping, you dream of teaching it to others but you get stuck thinking “who would hire me, where would I teach hoop dance?”

Hundreds of hoopers have become Hoop Love Coaches; they work and play hard to develop their hoop teaching skills, their class/party/workshop offering and packages but one of the biggest blocks we all work through is “who should I contact? where can I teach?”

50 Places to teach hula hoop guide

The opportunities are endless and here is a list of just some of the places I have taught hoop dance.

Let this inspire you to create a list of places you will contact to share your offerings too.

1. Holiday clubs

2. Private studios

3. Art galleries

4. Day care centers

5. After school clubs

6. Pole dance studios

7. Farmers markets

8. Retreats

9. School camps

10. Festivals

Deanne Love Teaching Hula Hoop at a festival

11. YMCA

12. Gyms

13. Health clubs and day spas

14. Yoga studios

15. Restaurant openings

16. Conferences

17. Fundraising events

18. Scout groups

19. Hen’s parties

20. Weddings

Hooplovers Hula Hoop Classes in Melbourne with Deanne Love

21. Church groups

22. Protests

23. Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

24. Your local park

25. Your backyard

26. Birthday parties

27. Community centres

28. Creative studios and co-working spaces

29. Aged care facilities

30. Christmas parties

Hula Hoop Classes Teaching Hoopdance in Brisbane Australia

31. Business seminars

32. Parades

33. Flea markets

34. High schools

35. Corporate offices (lunch time hoop classes are the best)

36. Charity galas

37. Sports days

38. Mummy and Me groups

39. Laughter/Acro/Disco Yoga meetups

40. Local libraries

Deanne Teaching Kids how to hula hoop

41. Trade fairs

42. Playgroups

43. Zoo

44. Film nights

45. Art markets

46. Clubs/bars

47. Fashion shows

48. Circus schools

49. Playgrounds

50. Fetes/Fairs/Fun days

That was just 50 places off the top of my head that I have taught hoop dance.


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Leave your ideas below in the comments and let us know where you have had the most fun or the biggest challenges teaching hoop dance.

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