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3 Reasons to Include a Hula Hoop in Your Yoga Class

Carlye Wilde shares her helpful insights into why bringing a hoop in Yoga class can ignite

  1. Hoops ignite playfulness

    When my students pick up a hoop it puts a huge smile on their face. Yoga poses combined with off-body hoop moves ignite playfulness and curiosity. In class, we explore many ways to open and expand with the assistance of a hoop. It looks and feels creative. From reaching up overhead with a hoop or moving into smear variations that open the shoulder girdle, a hoop offers different ways to observe how our body responds with joy and freshness. A hoop brings creativity and flow.

  2. Courage to try new things

    Many people doubt themselves when it comes to a hula hoop. So by bringing a hoop into a yoga class, it gives students the opportunity to explore and come out of their comfort zone. When I share hoops in class, my students initially say “I cannot hula hoop” or “I’m terrible at hula hooping”, but with guidance and support to be courageous they are put at ease. Most of the time by the end of class they want to play and try on-body hooping.

  3. Symbol of community and togetherness

    A hoop is a representation of the circle of life. Continuity, wholeness, togetherness, the Sun, Moon, Earth and embracing life’s changes . As a teacher it signifies a group coming together to learn; sharing powerful positive energy with one another.  Often, during class, I will share quotes or stories related to the circle as a way of supporting this togetherness.

Most importantly a hoop reminds us to stay lighthearted and have fun. I encourage you to first bring a hoop to your own practice and then try introducing your new ideas to your students.

If you come up with some playful hoop yoga sequences I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

Are there any other hoop and yoga teachers out there sharing this playful and empowering combination in classes?


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Hoop Love Coach Carlye Wilde Bio Picture

This article is written by a Hoop Love Coach Carlye Wilde

Carlye Wilde shares her helpful insights into why bringing a hoop in Yoga class can ignite. As a long time Yoga Teacher and certified Hoop Love Coach, I’m always looking for ways to bring new ideas into my classes. I have introduced a hoop into my personal yoga flow and found many benefits. The hoop brings a different dimension to the practice of Yoga, so I have enjoyed sharing this with my students.

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