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We would love to hear about your experience as a Hoop Love Coach. It has been a joy sharing my experiences and training with you and I would love hear about your journey and achievements after Hoop Love Coach Training. If you can take some time to record a short video for me that would be incredible. Start by introducing yourself, your business and where you are from. Perhaps say when you did the HLC training and why you decided to do the training. If you have any stories or achievements that you are particularly proud of please share them (e.g teaching locals, sharing at events, organising your own retreats, performing, collaborating with other teachers, building your community, improving your teaching skills) How has your life changed since becoming a hoop teacher? What are you most proud of? Who would you recommend Hoop Love Coach training for?

You can add a title to your video; perhaps your name, biz name, location. You can also add a short written description or testimonial if you choose and you are welcome to add your website link.

Once you are ready to speak to the camera, set yourself up in some nice natural light (do not have the light source behind you or your video might turn out too dark), have an idea of what you would like to say but casual is fine, sparkles are OK too and then hit record. The video recorder will count down and then you can start talking, you have the option to review, redo or submit your video at the end.

Video tips : Have your webcam at eye level or slightly above (I usually put mine on yoga blocks or shoe boxes 😉 ), sit in front of a window and use natural light if possible, try to talk directly to the webcam but relax. If you want to record your video on another device and upload it from your computer you can do so. You can check back your video before you submit.

Your wonderful words and video will feature on hooplovecoachtraining.com Thank you for your wisdom and I always appreciate your support. If you feel that Hoop Love Coach training has helped you in any way we would love to hear from you; your words mean a lot.

Warmest, Deanne

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