Take your dreams of becoming an inspiring, confident and skilled hoop teacher.

Whether you want to teach hoop dance for the love, for some extra income or to make it your career: Hoop Love Coach Training will give you all the tools you need to grow your hoop dance community and be an inspired, confident hoop dance facilitator.

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Online Hula Hoop COurse

Online Training

Hoop Love Coach training is an online course created for you to stream and download at anytime. You have access to all content anytime you have an internet connection.

Hula Hoop Certificate

Get Certified

On successful completion of Hoop Love Coach training your will receive a certificate.


Learn from an Expert

With over 15 years experience as a professional teacher and almost a decade of movement facilitation Deanne Love is a leader in her industry.

Download Stream Hula Hoop Video COntents

Stream & Download 24/7

The easy to use online classroom gives you the ability to download or stream all videos and written material in the training

Private Hooplovers Community for Hula Hoop Coaches

Community Support

Meet and share with other Hoop Love Coaches from around the world in a private group. Get the support you need.

Learn at your own pace

Learn at your pace

Hoop Love Coach training is a 12 week course but you have the freedom to learn at your own pace and unlimited access to all course content.

What Hoop Love Coaches Are Saying

Meet Deanne Love

For more than 15 years I have been studying and developing my art: teaching. When I discovered hoop dance 8 years ago I fell in love instantly. The life-changing benefits of the hoop coupled with my life passion for teaching became my soul’s purpose. In a short time I went from bored primary school teacher to full-time hooper and founder of global hoop community HOOPLOVERS.tv A business degree, an education degree, and an undying passion for hooping turned out to be the golden triangle—although I much prefer circles. I feel like I have been a sponge soaking up knowledge and experience for decades and now I’m wrapping it up in a big sparkly bow to present to you in a clear and actionable way. I am all about practical steps to success with massive dollops of fun and creativity to keep it all real and lively. That combination is exactly what Hoop Love Coach training is made of. I have created this training to be accessible, achievable, and affordable for those who want an inspiring series that will propel them into a lifestyle of abundant service and creativity. I eat, sleep, and breathe hooping, community, sharing and creation. The world needs more of all of those things. I look forward to spreading them around with you.

Change Lives Including Your Own : Start Your Journey as a Hoop Love Coach. 

What is Hoop Love Coach training?

Hoop Love Coach training is the most comprehensive, practical, affordable and love-filled online training available. It is the foundation to becoming a powerful, creative and inspirational hoop dance leader. Developed by Hooplovers.tv founder, Deanne Love, it is filled with every insight, practical example and technique she has cultivated while sharing hoop dance with beginners & beyond all over the world. Hoop Love Coach training will prepare you to teach hoop, build community and gather abundance with confidence. You will be equipped with the tools to teach hoops to diverse groups and help them reconnect with their body, their community and their passion for fun & fitness. 


Empowerment & Inspiration

Very few jobs on the planet provide personal motivation and joy while empowering and inspiring others to live playful and vibrant lives. Every time you share a hoop class, event, or workshop, you will be making great changes in the lives of so many.

Ideal Lifestyle Design

Give yourself the precious gift of time. As a hoop dance teacher you decide your schedule and “work” as little or as much as you desire.

Discovery of your inner dancer/child/

The hula hoop is a powerful portal for personal transformation. Every time you share hoop dance you are deepening your own practice and pleasure


You are entering into a lucrative market. As a specialist in this niche industry you hold the power. Watch as your abundance, sense of community and meaningful connections soar.

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What Hoop Love Coaches Are Saying

Lona Hoopna Profile Picture

Lola – Hoopna

“I have run two hoop love coaching classes since I did the course last year & I always learn from each experience. I gain great joy from seeing the development of the students as they progress with the hooping. I have gained a wealth of ideas & inspiration from the coaching.I am a low key kind of person & hoop love coach which suits me where I am at present. I recommend the course as it has a well of information & ideas to assist in choosing your own path.”

Ngaire – Anndala

“Brilliant! This inspirational course is another amazing gift from Deanne Love. Packed full of gems from her sensational career as a hoop teacher and a successful businesswoman. It gives you everything you could want and more! For new and experienced teachers this course motivates you to expand how you share hoop dance and builds an incredible and hoopspirational resource centre. Thank You!”

Small Tribe Heather Davis Profile Picture

Small Tribe – Heather Davies

“Hoop Love Coaching has totally transformed my whole life. I am so grateful that the universe delivered a sparkling Hooplovers email to me at just the perfect time. A year ago I was drifting between odd jobs, and now my calendar is full of workshops, classes, and events. I always knew what I wanted, but since discovering Deanne’s program I have been given the tools, and therefore the confidence to follow my dreams and make them a reality. I am so blessed to have the opportunity and support to share my hoop love with EVERYONE!! Thank You Hooplovers!”

Janet Glover Profile Picture

Festihoops – Janet Glover

“The Hoop Love Coach course changed my life!My original goal to build skills as a teacher and have a certification to enable my charity work grew to encompass a viable hoop making business and teaching classes. I have developed such personal confidence through this course and made some life-long virtual friends (for now) that have enriched my life! A year ago, you would never have seen a video of me on the internet. Well, check out my You Tube account now and I’ve even been mentioned on Hooplover’s FB page. I’ve developed an online tribe and am starting to build a real one in my hometown. If you want to use hooping to change your life, this course is for you! ”

HooperFit – Meg McCormick

HooperFit – Meg McCormick

“I start the classes on July 14th and I am so excited and happily overwhelmed! LIKE AHHH! I am going to be teaching a hoop class, in a designated space, in my own community! Thank you Deanne Love for all of your awesomeness through out this course, and thank you ladies for all of your support! A few months ago this wouldn’t have even been on my radar…and now the universe just keeps surprising me with more and more hoopy goodness!”

Abs Marie – Hoops of a Feather

“I am feeling so encouraged and excited. I have a whole new blast of confidence when I’m teaching. I love the structure my classes have now with a more defined warm up and cool down. I’m getting great feed back from my students regarding the fun combos and flow sessions. People are excited to hear that I am “HoopLoveCoach” certified and I feel honored to be so.”

Hoopit! – Sunny Diz

“The Hoop Love Coach training is a unique experience. It gives you all the tools you need to become a great hooper, an amazing hoop teacher and a self confident person. It makes you see hoop dance as a way of everyday life and helps you communicate the best part of yourself with your students and the hoop community. It is a gift to yourself that makes you realize that the right time is now!”

Lucy Inner Circle

Lucy – Inner Circle Hooping

“I utterly cherish the gifts and learnings I’ve gained from this course! With helpful business development and marketing tips, creative lesson ideas and teaching methods, and boundless amounts of encouragement and support, it feels like Deanne and Masao are right there cheering you on every step of the way to becoming an authentic and the best hoop dance teacher that you can become! The connection and support extends across the globe, becoming part of an online community network that keeps on giving and sharing…If you’re wondering about whether online learning is for you, the Hoop Love Coaching teacher training course has nailed it, this course is totally engaging and positively powerful. Thank you for this generous gift!”

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