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The Reality of “Doing What You Love”

While organising my studio yesterday a Lululemon bag (you know the ones with the helpful insights splashed all over them) stopped me in my cleaning tracks. It read: If you wake up 3 days in a row uninspired. Change your life! Woah, mama! I quivered thinking how many...

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Classes not filled with students? Here’s why.

This post is for you if you have ever poured your heart and soul into planning and preparing for a class or course and then showed up to teach with less than desired student numbers (we have all been there). Or worse, you are standing in your studio on the first day...

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Overcoming shyness to share your purpose

Every day I get emails from hoopers asking how they can improve their skills. The most common question though, is "how do I become more confident" Here is an example of a beautiful email I received last week. I really think you will resonate with this if you have ever...

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No one told me this when I started teaching

If you have spent some time on Instagram or Facebook watching other hoopers and hoop teachers sharing their awesomeness, you might get the sense that they are just effortlessly and naturally skilled and successful. Do you sometimes feel like you are not getting the...

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