I have not been hooping for very long but I really enjoy it. Do you think I should take the hoop love coaching?

It is likely that you will be teaching beginner hoopers to start with and offering the skills that are your strengths. Teaching hoop dance is more than just showing people how to do tricks. Hooplovers classes include dance warm ups, fun activities, tricks, transitions, flow sequences, playtime and cool downs. These are all mapped out in the course but also open for you to add your unique twist.

Teaching and sharing is a great way to help you grow as a hooper. However it is important that you feel confident to share the foundations and feel that you have the ability to offer a full class.

In the Hoop Love Coach Training you will have access to learning all foundation moves and transitions as well as Flow Sessions.

Do you need certification to teach hoop dance?

No. You can teach and share hoop dance and love whenever you please without any form of “hoop certification.” You may require other certification such as first aid, insurance, and fitness training, depending on where you choose to teach and share.

Hoop Love Coaching has been designed as more than just a certification course. You will be guided to explore your unique offering, mentored to get yourself out there, market yourself and your classes, supported to offer the highest level of facilitation and hoop teaching to a diverse range of hoopers. In addition you will be connected to the most supportive, positive and conscious circle of hoop teachers ready to share the hoop love!

This coaching course provides a certificate upon completion, but you are not required to pay extra licensing fees or pay to have your name on our website. We are excited to promote you as much as we can. We want to see you succeed.

How will the content be shared?

When you sign up for the HOOP LOVE COACH course you will be automatically sent a preparation package. If this does not arrive in your nominated email account within a few hours of sign up, first check your junk box then email hooplovers {at} gmail.com. The preparation package will give you all the details you need to know about getting ready for the course including how to access all the content.

Once the course begins you will have access to the content including posts, videos, and downloads on a weekly basis over 4 weeks/30 days. You will not have the whole course dumped on you at once (even if you want to speed ahead with it). This course has been developed in such a way that you will progress through the modules and go from strength to strength with your personal and professional evolution.

I am already teaching hoop dance in my community. How will this help me?

This course has not only been packed with the powerful learnings from Deanne’s 15 years as an educator, her marketing and business superpowers, and her hoop dance passion, but it is created to provoke change, evolution, and personal growth.

What if I cannot finish the course in 30 days?

You do not have to put pressure on yourself or worry about falling behind. You will have access to the course materials 24/7 indefinitely. Let’s say during the course you fall ill, have booked a quick holiday, or life just pops up, then you can always come back to the course when the time is right.

What is the “access to supported coaching space” mean?

The supported coaching space is a private online group that is open to those who choose the Supported Hoop Love Coach Training. I personally will show up in the space everyday for the 30 days and answer questions, give feedback, check in on progress and challenges and be there to give real time support!

What is the difference between the independent option and the supported option?

The Hoop love Coach training is offered in two modes. You can take the course on your own and be guided through the modules weekly but independently. Or you can opt to have daily support and guidance from Deanne Love in a private forum with other teachers who also choose daily support. Deanne will be online every day to answer questions int he forum and provide support and feedback.

If you prefer to do things on your own, are competent with self-directed study, and are okay without daily support, then the independent mode is for you. You will have access to all the course materials and can complete them at your own pace as they become available to you.

The supported option gives you full access to daily support from Deanne Love and other facilitators going through the course. You will have access to a private forum in which you can ask any questions and have them answered during the 30-day period. You will also be able to see questions that others have and discuss ideas/hoopspiration/concerns with Deanne and the whole group.


No, there are no guarantees in life, but this course has been carefully crafted to provide a detailed action plan for your success.

We make no guarantees about the income or abundance that you will receive after completing this course. However we can say that if you follow through with all of the assignments and tasks it is highly possible to not only cover the cost of your course in a very short time period but completely exceed that goal.


  • 2 x 1 hour hoop classes (10 students @ $20ea) = $400
  • 4 x hoops sold @ $30ea = $120
  • 1 x 1 hour Hen’s party = $300
  • $820 per week
  • This is just one of many examples and earnings can be lower or much higher than this. There are various models laid out in this training for you to try out. You will find the one that suits your lifestyle, schedule and profit goals.



Some call it charisma. Some call it juiciness. Call it whatever you like, but spreading the word of joy and a life filled with love, movement, health, and creativity is where it is at for a HOOP LOVE COACH. Do you feel compelled to preach the word of life, demonstrate it, and sing it from the rooftops? HOOP LOVE COACHES ooze presence and empower others to follow lifeʼs light.


HOOP LOVE COACHES give everyone access to learning and success through their verbal and body language. A HOOP LOVE COACH is also hungry for feedback, they see feedback as a way of growth. Opening the channels of giving and receiving through communication grows the HOOPLOVERS family and empowers everyone in it.


Before you can answer that, let’s take a second to think about what “passion” actually means. In the dictionary passion is defined as “any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, strong amorous feeling or desire; love; ardor, lust, an instance or experience of strong love.” Falling in love with the art of sharing is a powerful trait possessed by HOOP LOVE COACHES. Are you being called to share your ideas, time, tricks, movement, inspiration, passion, and love for your art, life, community, and connectedness?

WHY SHOULD YOU BECOME A HOOP LOVE COACH? Is this training for you?


A HOOP LOVE COACH is a Movement Activist; they inspire, encourage, and even coerce friends, family, and community members into movement of all forms. Why? Because it feels amazing, does wonders for mood shifting, works magic on muscles, disintegrates worry, and basically supports a happier, healthier life—isnʼt that what everyone desires?

A HOOP LOVE COACH invites students to movement gatherings, introduces students to various forms of dance and play, collaborates with other dance and movement teachers to create supportive spaces for students to try out new forms of movement. A HOOP LOVE COACH holds a huge invisible sign that screams “Get Up and Dance!” HOOP LOVE COACHES share the joy of movement, they encourage cross pollination.

If you you have any further questions, feel free to get in touch with us! We are here to help!