What hoop love coaches are saying

“The Hoop Love Coach training is a unique experience. It gives you all the tools you need to become a great hooper, an amazing hoop teacher and a self confident person. It makes you see hoop dance as a way of everyday life and helps you communicate the best part of yourself with your students and the hoop community. It is a gift to yourself that makes you realize that the right time is now!” Hoopit! – Sunny Diz

“Being a Hoop Love Coach has provided me opportunities to grow and challenge myself in ways that I never imagined!” Aimee L – Harbour Hoops

“I am feeling so encouraged and excited. I have a whole new blast of confidence when I’m teaching. I love the structure my classes have now with a more defined warm up and cool down. I’m getting great feed back from my students regarding the fun combos and flow sessions. People are excited to hear that I am “HoopLoveCoach” certified and I feel honored to be so.” Abs Marie – Hoops of a Feather

“I utterly cherish the gifts and learnings I’ve gained from this course! With helpful business development and marketing tips, creative lesson ideas and teaching methods, and boundless amounts of encouragement and support, it feels like Deanne and Masao are right there cheering you on every step of the way to becoming an authentic and the best hoop dance teacher that you can become! The connection and support extends across the globe, becoming part of an online community network that keeps on giving and sharing…If you’re wondering about whether online learning is for you, the Hoop Love Coaching teacher training course has nailed it, this course is totally engaging and positively powerful. Thank you for this generous gift!” Lucy – Inner Circle Hooping

“Hoop Love Coaching has totally transformed my whole life. I am so grateful that the universe delivered a sparkling Hooplovers email to me at just the perfect time. A year ago I was drifting between odd jobs, and now my calendar is full of workshops, classes, and events. I always knew what I wanted, but since discovering Deanne’s program I have been given the tools, and therefore the confidence to follow my dreams and make them a reality. I am so blessed to have the opportunity and support to share my hoop love with EVERYONE!! Thank You Hooplovers!” Small Tribe – Heather Davies

“The Hoop Love Coach training is exactly what I was looking for. Before I started this training I felt lost and was lacking focus and confidence in all aspects of my hoop teaching and training. The Hoop Love Coach training covered not only class dynamics but the whole buisnsess aspect too. There wasn’t a stone left unturned. It covers it all. Thru this program I gained the confidence I needed, as well as the tools I needed in my class and buisness. Deanne Love is a remarkable teacher and mentor who is personable, with a contagious personality. I am so grateful to her and also grateful that I took the leap of faith and landed as a Hoop Love Coach.” Hooptality – Carron McCabe

“HoopLovers Teacher Training has given me the solid PUSH to dive deep and directly into my purpose and passion; to teach and facilitate PLAY for both young and old. After teaching my very first beginner hoop dance jam course in April 2015, I was overwhelmed with gratitude, to be given the opportunity to carry out my purpose as my fulltime career. The global HoopLove Coach community has given me the support and strength to go out there and realise my dream and has helped me get to where I am now. I’ll never ‘work’ another day in my life! Thankyou Deanne Love for all the guidance and support you’ve given all of us to help us realise our full potential :)” Indigo – Lunatrix Hoop Dance

“I have run two hoop love coaching classes since I did the course last year & I always learn from each experience. I gain great joy from seeing the development of the students as they progress with the hooping. I have gained a wealth of ideas & inspiration from the coaching.I am a low key kind of person & hoop love coach which suits me where I am at present. I recommend the course as it has a well of information & ideas to assist in choosing your own path.” Lola – Hoopna

“I start the classes on July 14th and I am so excited and happily overwhelmed! LIKE AHHH! I am going to be teaching a hoop class, in a designated space, in my own community! Thank you Deanne Love for all of your awesomeness through out this course, and thank you ladies for all of your support! A few months ago this wouldn’t have even been on my radar…and now the universe just keeps surprising me with more and more hoopy goodness!” HooperFit – Meg McCormick

“The Hoop Love Coach course changed my life!My original goal to build skills as a teacher and have a certification to enable my charity work grew to encompass a viable hoop making business and teaching classes. I have developed such personal confidence through this course and made some life-long virtual friends (for now) that have enriched my life! A year ago, you would never have seen a video of me on the internet. Well, check out my You Tube account now and I’ve even been mentioned on Hooplover’s FB page. I’ve developed an online tribe and am starting to build a real one in my hometown. If you want to use hooping to change your life, this course is for you! ” Festihoops – Janet Glover

“Becoming a hoop love coach through Deanne and Masao is the way to go. They support you in every way!!! As hoop dance facilitators we need as much love and support from one another as possible, we don’t have thousands of years of research and experience to support our teachings, hoop dance is new and we know it changes lives. The support in this coarse is like no other coarse i have ever done. Deanne is extremely generous in all that she gives, the content, the love, her time, you walk out with everything and more that you need to start a successful business, content to run classes and workshops, a new friend and you will become apart of a global family whom are always there to help you through anything. Especially those fears that get in the way. Working with these guys helps understand that all that you want is possible so its time to get out of your way. Do it! And Yes You can share this of coarse. I love you guys.xxxx” Nicole – In za loop

“Brilliant! This inspirational course is another amazing gift from Deanne Love. Packed full of gems from her sensational career as a hoop teacher and a successful businesswoman. It gives you everything you could want and more! For new and experienced teachers this course motivates you to expand how you share hoop dance and builds an incredible and hoopspirational resource centre. Thank You!” Ngaire – Anndala

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